What’s the Secret of Getting the Best Plantation Shutters in Brisbane?

Shutter blinds have become quite common for safeguarding home dwellers against dust, scorching sun rays and deterring crime. However, one can only enjoy these enticing benefits if they install the best plantation shutters in Brisbane.

6 Useful Tips for Picking Out the Best Plantation Shutters in Brisbane

1. Material

Customers should question the raw materials the manufacturer used to design these blinds. Generally, these professionals use wood, metal, and plastic to build good shutter blinds.

Window experts advocate for timber plantation shutters because they use hardwood trees like Pine or Oak.

2. Reviews

Plantation shutter makers have tripled in the last 5 to 10 years, making it harder to know which company to trust. Therefore, all new customers should open the dealer’s website to skim through feedback.

3. Measurements

Builders don’t install windows of uniform sizes for all the clients they work for throughout the year. Therefore, a client must take down the measurement of their window before ordering these blinds.

4. Interior Design

A client must also think about the theme of their house, particularly the main room, before ordering shutter blinds. For example, timber shutters suit houses with wooden wall panels if they have a brown finish.

5. Security

A customer must also examine the safety of the neighborhood they reside in when buying these window fixtures. For example, wood shutter blinds are exceptional for crime-prone places because they deter theft.

6. Blind Louver Sizes

Technically, window shutters with smaller louvers are more aesthetically appealing to customers. However, a few homeowners may gravitate towards blinds with longer ones.

Best Plantation Shutters in Brisbane

Why Are Timber Plantation Shutters Common Among Homeowners in Cold Areas?

1. Effective Thermal Insulation

Wood shutters are poor conductors of heat and thus they do not transfer it outside. Therefore, houses can remain warm for some time, even when one turns off the air conditioner.

2. Low Power Bills

As explained, plantation shutters don’t support heat transfer, meaning you don’t have to switch on the AC 24/7. Therefore, homeowners prefer them to ensure their monthly electricity bills don’t spiral beyond their financial ability.

3. Efficient Light Control

Wood is a dense material that can block ultraviolet rays (UV) or artificial lights from your house. Therefore, you can enjoy as much privacy as you like with your family.


A simple way to transform the house is to purchase the best plantation shutters in Brisbane. However, always compare the prices different shutter makers propose to avoid over-stretching your budget.