All You Need To Know About IBC Bund

Intermediate bulk containers known as IBC’s are being used to store and transport hazardous chemicals and other liquids. These vessels are available in different sizes but the most common containers are 1000 liters. There was a time when 205-liter barrels were in great demand but now the time has changed. Nowadays, these small barrels are replaced with these large capacity barrels so that you can easily transport a large number of chemicals in a single drum. If you are in this business or looking to get one, you need to make sure to get the right IBC containment bund so that it will serve the purpose well.

Easier transport and handling

These drums are quite easier to handle and transport because forklift pockets are being added on the outer side so that transportation becomes easy. Another best part about these containers is, they are equipped with a valve or outlet so that you can easily empty the drum. These containers are made after a thorough examination and keeping in mind their usage. Spillage protection is one of the core things because these drums contain 1000 liters and you can’t risk losing this many amounts of chemicals. You need to consider having containment bunds because they are the need of the hour.

IBC containment bund

Get the best tray for your container

IBC bund is a tray that is being used for protection purposes. It captures all the liquid that escapes from the drum. For safety reasons, the capacity of the tray must be 110% of the bund so that there will be no issue of spillage whatsoever. When you are selecting the right intermediate bulk container, make sure that it is made of liquid that is compatible with the chemical it will be used to store. Doesn’t matter if you are using corrosive material or not, it is recommended to use the right container to avoid any container. Apart from the container, you should also use correct containment bunds.

Things to look for before finalizing the container

As the material compatibility of the container is extremely important, you must also give the same importance to the IBC containment bund. They are available in different storage options and you must select the right option as per your requirement. There are plenty of online as well as offline stores from where you can get these exclusive items.