Immigration services in Brisbane

A very large number of people migrating to Australia for upgrading their lifestyle as the economy of Australia is going perfectly with a decent growth in it. Immigration services in Brisbane provide guidance to the people who want to immigrate themselves into Australia. There is a shortage of skilled migrants as Australia needs to overcome the shortage of skilled population which is necessary to boost up their development process. There are four types of categories in which Australia is providing visas to the migrants from all over the world who are not the natives of Australia.

These four categories include

  •     Skilled Migration
  •     Parent Visa
  •     Partner Visa
  •     Employer Sponsorship

Skilled Migration

Australia is a country where skills are needed for long-term shortage fulfilment. These skill shortages include IT Professionals, Engineers, Construction managers, Accountants, Teachers, and Social workers etc. Moreover, the shortage includes labour like Tilers, Fabricators, Electricians, Carpenters, Bricklayers, Fitters, Painters, Motor Mechanics and plumbers etc. This is the golden time to migrate to Australia. Skilled migration includes further subcategories depending on your job skills. You are required to submit an “Expression of Interest” (EOI) with everything necessary to be considered for a visa.

Parent Visa

Parent visa can be lodged if the age of the parents is less than 65 years old and they meet the “balance of the family” test. This parent visa involves making a non-refundable amount of AUD $43,600 per parent who is getting migration to Australia. It has also further sub-categories depending on the needs of the required categorical parenting visa.

Partner Visa

Partner visa can be made eligible if you are married or engaged to an Australian (or a New Zealander) who is eligible or you are having a de facto relationship with same or opposite sex in Australia.

This type of visa is really difficult to offer as immigration services in Brisbane and all over the world scrutinise very clearly and closely so that your evidence of relationship is genuine to support your visa application. After getting a visa you will have all work rights in Australia.

Employer Sponsorship

You can apply to an employer sponsorship visa if you are overseas but your employer is in Australia, or you are a student or tourist in Australia then you can apply for this visa which will depend upon the following eligibility criteria.

  •     Employer Location
  •     Employer’s approval to sponsor
  •     Your work experience
  •     Other qualifications certificates
  •     The job you want to do here
  •     Salary offered to you