Owning your Dream Classic Car

Financing your dream car can be a bit complicated than the funding of your next SUV for your family. That is because the value of a classic car comes with numerous variables, and typical auto lenders don’t have all that it takes to appraise them appropriately. Luckily, the specialty classic car finance Australia is now available. The car loan typically offers longer terms, more favorable conditions, better rates, and an understanding of the classic car market.

Classic Car vs. Regular Car

Purchasing a classic car isn’t the same as buying a regular car. Many lenders require an inspection and appraisal before they issue classic auto loans. The appraisal cost should be considered when taking the loan. Also, the appraisal is very beneficial for you as the buyer. It will determine whether you’re purchasing a truly original car and whether there are any issues the seller didn’t declare. Additionally, you may want to include the travel and shipping costs into the mix to ensure your new car isn’t left stranded on the other side of the country.

Title of your Classic Car

A title to your classic car is very essential for all auto loans. However, some states don’t issue titles for classic cars. If you’re living in a country that doesn’t release titles, you may struggle to find finances from classic car lenders or regular auto lenders. If you’ve found the car before shopping for a loan, you may want to obtain a copy of the title before applying to help in speeding up the approval process.

Getting Pre-approved

Getting pre-approved is one great way of finding your budget and saving time so you can buy a car quickly after finding one. To get pre-approved, you may probably require at least 20% to 30% of the value on hand as a down payment. However, you may be asked a high percentage if you have a poor credit score.


Financing a classic car can be considered as purchasing a house. That is because you have the opportunity to choose from a selection of lenders rather than just picking the terms the lender offers you. So, take the time to get pre-approved and communicate with the right lenders. Also, choose a lender who understands the classic car finance industry. The right classic car finance Australia Company will utilize their experience in car financing to lead you through the process you owning your dream classic car. Additionally, they will offer competitive rates and favorable terms that lower your monthly payment.